A Classical Music Podcast for Musicians

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Inside the Notes is a classical music podcast by musicians for musicians. Here we discuss in-depth about life on the road, winning auditions, memorable concerts, and the mentors that propelled their careers. Here’s a place where we can talk shop and hear about the similar experiences that we all share as musicians.

This podcast is dedicated to telling the stories of classical musicians.

Storytelling has always been a tradition in classical music, passed down from teacher to student.  In this classical music podcast, we are here to expand that!  It is so important for us to know as much as we can about the musicians who came before us and the stories they shared.

When we hear stories of legendary performances, amazing summer festivals, special mentors, and the chance to meet our heros- we can all relate to why we picked this journey.

Delve into the hours of stories by some of the worlds most beloved artists. Get a close up experience with their journey, stories, and advice.

As we begin a new season during Covid-19, I look forward to the opportunity to reach out to musicians who I would never have met, and record these memories virtually.

Season 3 is filled with exciting guests: Gregory Harrington, violin, Angela Beeching, career consultant, Julie Landsman, horn, Jason Haaheim, percussion, Craig Mumm, viola, Jennifer Montone, horn, Christoph-Mathias Mueller, conductor, Rob Weir, bassoon, Daniel Hege, conductor, Weston Sprott, trombone, Andrew Parker, oboe, Grace Browning, harp, Christina Smith, flute and many more!

A heartfelt thank you to Philip Edward Fisher a season 1 guest, for his beautiful musicianship in our Season 3 intro music. Thank You!

I hope you enjoy and feel inspired!