Season 2

cropped-img_1641.jpgWelcome to  Inside the Notes 

This podcast is dedicated to recording the stories and experiences of the greatest musicians in our generation.  Much of classical music’s history is passed down from teacher to student.  Outside those circles, there are thousands of stories that go unheard.  Our goal is to preserve this rich tradition by offering a place to engage and celebrate those stories.

These musicians have so much they can teach us. They were present for some of the most influential moments and performances in history, and their stories connect us to that history.  Today’s young performers are rising in an environment that is entirely different from our predecessors. Their experiences and successes are inspiring as we continue our journey as musicians.

We have many exciting interviews planned including:
Jamie Barton, mezzo soprano, Richard Stoltzman, clarinet, Pepe Romero, guitar, Jessica Phillips, clarinet, and John Kimura Parker, piano
Season 1 included incredible players from all over the world.  Noah Bendix-Balgley, Pablo Saìnz Villegas, Maestro Michael Palmer, David Shifrin, Joe Robinson, Phillip Edward Fisher, Clive Greensmith, Sheridon Stokes, Ernesto Ramirez, Edwin Huizinga, Roberto Plano, Joshua Roman, Richard Roberts, Colin Carr, Kimberly Fisher, Ken Grant and Benjamin Hochman!

Please enjoy these podcasts, may they help you fill in the branches of your musical family tree.